Energy Consumption Management can be applied differently, depending on the industry or business. With Wenu Work, you’ll be able to visualize in real time your energy consumption, in order to create measure to diminish your operational expenses and to communicate them to your workers and customers.


  • Allocate specific energy costs to every productive line or area within the company.
  • Compare nominal consumption with real consumption, for every critical asset.
  • Prevent downtimes through focused maintenance processes, based on the electrical footprint of assets.
  • Understand how much energy is being consumed after working hours.


  • Build a standard electricity consumption for your various stores.
  • Know how much electrical power is consumed while attending clients.
  • Get insights regarding the electricity consumed out of working hours.
  • Set virtual timers to standarize consumption in every branch.


  • Communicate at a corporate level what is happening in productive facilities in terms of sustainability.
  • Raise awareness towards external customers regarding sustainability policies within the organization.


  • Assess the electricity consumption related to certain infrastructure projects.
  • Measure the electrical requirements for a new infrastructure project.
  • Evaluate the potential changes in technologies used (LED, AC, solar panels)
  • First step to install non-conventional renewable energies.