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We are a certified triple impact B Corp (environmental, social and economic) that, through low cost IoT sensors, helps companies of several industries to reduce their carbon footprint and operational expenses, through energy efficiency.

We create energy management systems and educational platforms to generate awareness and empowerment throughout your company.

Our monitoring system is ideal for any business that wishes to acquire a deeper knowledge of its energy consumption, therefore reducing its costs and enhancing its operational efficiency.


Wenu Work helps its clients reduce their energy expense, thanks to data in real-time. Empirically, we observe up to a 20% saving by merely implementing best practises in the use of electricity. A higher percentage can be reached through investments in new technologies.


Our technology is innovative and efficient to help companies reduce their energy consumption. Wenu Work helps in assessing the energy consumption in order to design a strategy that can be relevant and personalized for each client.


Wenu Work’s monitoring system helps reducing business risks. Our real-time monitoring system ensures the reliability of your main assets through prior notification, therefore preventing failures.


Our technology was developed and designed by our team. We install smart sensors (IoT) in any type of electrical board in companies/production spaces, which enables us to measure the electricity consumption in real-time and thus, identify potential improvements in our clients’ operation.

Diagnostic of Electric Consumption

We dimension your use of energy with historical electricity bills.
We make a report where you can get to know your previous behavior and how your electricity bill is influenced by your rate.

Real-time monitoring of Electricity Consumption and Environmental Variables.

Through our IoT sensor installed in the electrical panel you can visualize in real time your electricity consumption through:

Private Web Platform

Website where you can access the records obtained by the sensors and the most relevant indicators of your consumption.

Public Dashboard

We use screens in shared spaces as an educational tool for collaborators and clients. We include easy-to-understand information regarding the energy efficiency project.

Energy efficiency projects.

We propose and implement concrete actions to meet savings goals. We execute:

LED lighting projects

We design and implement LED lighting projects. We verify the technical-economic feasibility of these.

Change of air conditioning technologies

Implementation of photovoltaic panels


  • At the Ministry of Energy, we have a smart monitoring system online that measures our electricity consumption in real time, along with other key indicators. This enables us to efficiently manage our consumption and take very concrete measures to reduce it and identify the less efficient areas per hour, along the day.

    Ignacio Santelices
    Head of Energy Efficiency Division in the Ministry of Energy.
  • We are proud at REMBRE Chile and #casadelinca to have a monitoring system and to be able to set goals thanks to Wenu Work. It enables us to measure our environmental impact related to our use of electricity and at the same time know more about how to reduce it. We are building the world we wish to leave to our children.

    Pedro Bulnes
    Partner REMBRE

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