Energy Management Systems

We build Smart Cities

We are a certified triple impact B Corp (environmental, social and economic) that, through low cost IoT sensors, helps companies of several industries to reduce their carbon footprint and operational expenses, through energy efficiency.

We enable energy management systems and educational platforms to create awareness and empowerment throughout your company.


Diagnostic of Electric Consumption

We dimension your use of energy with historical electricity bills.
We make a report where you can get to know your previous behavior and how your electricity bill is influenced by your rate.

Real-time monitoring of Electricity Consumption and Environmental Variables.

Through our IoT sensor installed in the electrical panel you can visualize in real time your electricity consumption through:

Private Web Platform

Website where you can access the records obtained by the sensors and the most relevant indicators of your consumption.

Public Dashboard

We use screens in shared spaces as an educational tool for collaborators and clients. We include easy-to-understand information regarding the energy efficiency project.

Energy efficiency projects.

We propose and implement concrete actions to meet savings goals. We execute:

LED lighting projects

We design and implement LED lighting projects. We verify the technical-economic feasibility of these.

Change of air conditioning technologies

Implementation of photovoltaic panels


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