At Wenu Work, we offer solutions that will help manage your electrical consumption and making better operational decisions.

Multiple areas within a company are benefited from our solutions, such as Operations, Maintenance, Finance, Sustainability, Energy, and more.


Thanks to our devices, Wenu Monitor and Wenu Switch, we digitalize and control electrical consumption to make multiple decision making processes easier and faster.

Wenu Meter

This IoT (Internet of Things) sensor, allows to measure electrical consumption in real time, with all the detail your company needs.

The Wenu Meter senses current and voltage on a breaker level within any electrical board. Through a wi-fi connection, the data is sent to our Cloud. With this data, we calculate energy consumption, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, and more!

Where is the Wenu Meter sensor installed?

Directly inside the electrical boards, using little space and without anyone noticing it.

Why install a Wenu Meter?

Quick and easy installation

Directly inside the electrical boards, using little space and without anyone noticing it.

Low service cost

We operate under a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. You won't have to buy any device for its installation. This translates into very low initial investments, and a monthly fee that represents a small fraction of what you actually pay for electricity.

Easy interpretation of the information

Our monitoring platforms are very user-friendly and intuitive to use. You don't need to be an expert in energy in order to use them.

Wenu Switch

This device acts as a remote control/timer. Through a wi-fi connection, the Wenu Switch allows our users to control assets and regulate their usage within any time frame you define. You'll be able to guarantee certain operation hours within your company for these individual assets or physical areas. It is the perfect complement for the Wenu Meter.


What happens after the data from your electrical consumption is gathered?

The data is processed in our Cloud, and deployed in our online platforms:

Wenu Radar

Allows to visualize your electrical consumption data in real time, and its historical behaviour.

We percieve the analysis of the electrical consumption through Wenu Radar as a strategic element within your business, delivering powerful but easy-to-understand information.

With only a few clicks, you'll be able to make more and better decisions. Within Wenu Radar, you'll find:

  • Energy consumption in detail
  • Carbon footprint associated to electrical consumption
  • Power peak records by the minute
  • Expenses associated with electrical consumption
  • Power demand in real time
  • Comparative statistics
  • Data download in .xls format
  • Notifications and alerts


  • Save precious time in analysis
  • You won't require energy experts in order to manage your energy consumption
  • Avoid fines in your future electrical bills
  • Avoid operational downtimes
  • Effectively allocate your electrical expenses throughout your cost centers, productive lines, or company areas. Get a full understanding of your operational costs!
  • Find savings opportunities understanding how, when and where electricity is being consumed within your company
  • Use your assets' electrical footprint to assess technological retrofit, preventive maintenance procedures, or even, the implementation of renewable energies in your facility.

Wenu Dashboard

Through this platform you'll be able to visually comunicate abour your efforts as a company to become more sustainable, to all of your stakeholders (clients, workers, and more)

It is designed to be projected in open-space screens located in high visibility points. You'll make everyone look at the energy efficiency initiatives that you're developing, while teaching and aligning your work temas to become more aware and responsible towards their energy usage.


  • Involve your work teams into pursuing energy efficiency goals
  • Get a better brand valuation from your customers, by being environmentally more responsible
  • Make the best out of your internal comunication channels


Wenu API

We've created an easy-to-integrate tool for you to make the best out of your existing digital systems such as an ERP, SCADA, BMS, or other.

Through consultations to our API, you'll be able to enrich your business data considerably, by creating new KPIs that have a direct impact in your company's operation, that includes electrical consumption.