Passionate and committed about the environment!

Since february of 2016, we are working to bring sustainability closer to people, through technology and energy efficiency. We are a team of young professionals with expertise in key areas for our business: energy, IoT, energy efficiency, software development, electronics, and more.

We want to place innovation as a technological engine that promotes and enables sustainability across society. 


Daniel Waintrub


Daniel has been involved in business consulting and renewable energies. He’s fascinated by issues regarding sustainability. But when he’s not looking for new ways for our clients to save energy, you can find him reading biographies or exercising and playing music. His super power? His ability to fall asleep anywhere!

Alejandro Cisternas


Alejandro has worked on projects regarding renewable energies and energy efficiency. He’s a family man who enjoys sharing a good meal, surrounded by his loved ones. He’s also a very curious person, as he’s always inquiring about new technologies. When he was a kid, his curiosity led him to having many scars.

Paulina Moraga

Administration and finance

Pauline is mainly experienced in the energy sector. What truly captivates her is creating a positive impact on society and the people that surround her. She is fascinated by discovering new places and exercising (trekking and pilates). What makes her unique? He sense of humor and the tears she sheds if you tell her a good joke!

Nicolás Moraga


As an engineering student, Nicolas has already been part of many projects related to power generation and renewable energies. He is particularly interested in projects about energy efficiency. His goal is to always strive for excellence, as a way to serve sustainability. His hidden talent? Playing the charango!

Daniel Yépez


When he’s not helping the ones in need, Daniel tries to get to discover new cultures and traditions. He’s worked in the steel industry, telecommunications and manufacturing. He’s a brave man, but he admits to his fear for most insects, especially cockroaches.

Marie Gouasmi


An active member of AIESEC in the past years, Marie comes from France. She’s passionate about environmental issues. When she’s not trying to save the world, she’s fond of reading, writing and practicing capoeira. An object she can’t live without? Her cuddly toy in the shape of a panda!

Francisco Retamales


Francisco is passionate about programming and hardware experimentation. After living in Australia for a year, Francisco is highly motivated to build a better future for the world, from his expertise. Whenever he’s not busy building new solutions, he loves playing basketball and reads manga magazines.

Michael De Jesús


Mitch is a perfectionist who wants to innovate in an effort to positively impact the world. He has a very extensive experience in software development for branches such as retail, banks, manufacturing. In his spare time, he travels on his motorcycle and likes exercising (boxing, swimming, biking). He’s a thrill seeker, hence his fascination for roller-coasters and parachuting.


Vartan Ishanoglu



We believe in collaborative relationships, rather than transactional. We work closely with our clients, creating solutions that solve specific and real problems. We wish for your company to be successful implementing sustainability initiatives.

We are a company accelerated by ENGIE Factory, ENGIE’s sustainability start up incubator in LATAM.

Any thoughts for your company?