Customized solutions according to the operational reality of each client.

Energy Diagnose

We help you understand your historical electrical behaviour based on your billing, and identify potential energy efficiencies. This is your first step towards energy efficiency: Understand the historical and current situation, to take action in the future.

Web Platform

Based on customer information requirements, we enable a virtual space so that interested people can access relevant information in real time regarding energy consumption.

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Power Peaks Management

We create a notification system for electrical tariffs considering energy demand peaks. Avoiding new peaks so you can gradually diminish the magnitude of your billing.

Public Dashboards

We use open space TV’s to display information regarding energy efficiency and environmental comfort, as an education and marketing tool for workers and customers. We include information that is easy to understand, so that everyone gets involved. We also have the ability to include online information (social networks, youtube, etc) and internal information (HR, for instance).

Environmental Comfort

Using special sensors, we are able to study in real time variables that affect the welfare and productivity in your workspace. CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, noise and pressure indicators are programmed so we will warn you when any of these variables exceeds appropriate levels for health and welfare of employees and customers.

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